10 years!!!

How in the world has it already been that long!?!? Welp, I guess we should probably get together and do something fun. Aren't you just dying to see what people really look like without all of those filters? I mean, come on...no one looks that good every day!

So let's do it! Let's have a little get togther and catch up! 

On Friday August 31st, the LCHS Panthers will be having their first home game of the 2018 season! I think we should get together before the game and maybe grill and chill, and then of course, cheer on our marvleous Panthers to victory!

We will then be having dinner at Amber Falls Winery on Saturday September 1st from 3pm - 7pm. This will be adults only, so now is the time to find those baby sitters people! There will be food catered and 2 free drinks will be provided with a meal ticket. 

We also will be getting together on Sunday morning to have a river adventure! However, we need to know how many people will be interested in joining (and wether you want to canoe or kayak) by July 31st before we can get a quote on a price.

And what's not an event without an early bird special? So until June 30th 2018, tickets will be $10 per person or $18 per couple and after that they will increase in price to $15 per person or $25 per couple. The week of the events the tickets prices will be bumped up to $25 per person or $40 per couple, so it's better to buy in advance rather than wait it out!

**These tickets are only for the dinner on Saturday night. There will be a seperate ticket for the River Adventure after July 31st.**

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Dinner for 1$ 10.00
This ticket includes a meal and 2 drinks for 1 person.
When:09/01/2018 3pm - 7pm
Where:Amber Falls Winery
Number of Tickets:
Dinner Ticket for 2$ 18.00
This ticket includes a meal and 2 drinks for 2 people.
When:09/01/2018 3pm - 7pm
Where:Amber Falls Winery
Number of Tickets:
River Adventure
This is for any interest in canoeing/kayaking the Buffalo.
When:09/02/2018 10am
Number of Registrations:
Guest Purchased Tickets
Angellina Miller
Guest Schmittou
Magen Schmittou
Carson Bates
Kayla Moore
Total 5